Moot Resources

The Moot is the name of the Editorial Board that supports The Round Table journal, as well as organizing occasional seminars, meetings and conferences on themes of Commonwealth interest.

Eminent Persons Group

In 2009 the Commonwealth Heads of Government announced the formation of an Eminent Persons Group (EPG) to look at current Commonwealth institutions and processes and make recommendations for their improvement. The Round Table's submission to the EPG, as well as other relevant documents, can be found here.

Commonwealth conferences

From 1998 onwards, The Round Table has held conferences at Cumberland Lodge, near Windsor, every two years, to discuss issues affecting the contemporary Commonwealth. Reports are available from each conference.

Moot Reports

Occasional reports by representatives of The Round Table from meetings or conferences around the world can be found here.

Moot Talks

The texts of some of the talks or lectures given under the auspices of The Round Table or its overseas affiliates can be found here.

Commonwealth Links

The Round Table is part of a much wider network of Commonwealth civil society organisations. Links to the websites of some of these other organisations can be found here.