About the Moot

The Moot is the name of the Editorial Board that supports The Round Table journal, as well as organizing occasional seminars, meetings and conferences on themes of Commonwealth interest.

The Round Table first appeared in 1910 with the subtitle 'A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire'. As well as regular articles from around the then British empire, it promised informed analysis of wider aspects of colonial and imperial affairs, and of international relations more generally. Early issues included articles on Anglo-German rivalry, Japanese ambitions in East Asia, the foreign policy of the United States, and trends in contemporary Islam.

The Round Table

The Round Table first appeared in 1910 promising informed analysis of wider aspects of colonial and imperial affairs, and of international relations. It continues to take as its starting-point that the Commonwealth remains an organization of significance in international affairs, and that it deserves to be taken seriously by academics and others interested in contemporary international relations.

Message from the Chair

Stuart Mole (The Round Table Chair) As I heard the sound of the June issue of The Round Table dropping on to my door mat, I knew that latest issue of the world's oldest journal of international affairs contained some surprises.

Routledge-Round Table Studentship

The Routledge-Round Table award was created in celebration of the publisher's continuing association with The Round Table: the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, and the journal's connection with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. The Institute and Routledge are delighted to announce that Alimamy Conteh has been awarded the Routledge Round Table Commonwealth Studentship Award for 2010.

The Hodson Prize

The Hodson Memorial Prize is an annual award by The Round Table in memory of the journal's late Editor, Harry Hodson. It is awarded for a publishable article, contributed by an undergraduate or graduate of a recognised university in the Commonwealth. The topic may be freely chosen by applicants, but should be of significance to the contemporary Commonwealth. The winning article receives publication in The Round Table in the year in question, accompanied by a financial award.

Centenary Celebrations

The Round Table has celebrated its centenary in 2010. To mark 100 years of publication of the journal, the editorial board organised a number of publications, conferences and other activities including the following books: James Mayall, ed., The Contemporary Commonwealth, 1965-2009: An Assessment and Alex May, ed., The Commonwealth and International Affairs: The Round Table Centennial Selection.